Amazon Prime Day!!!

Amazon Have you noticed that Black Friday has mostly moved to the day of Thanksgiving which is the day that you should be spending with loved ones around yummy food being Thankful?  Well even though its some really good sales that day, I’m here to say that this year you don’t have to leave the dinner table to hit that crazy sale with long lines and being stuck fighting over things and rushing to get everything on your list! Amazon is celebrating its 20th birthday on July 15th which they have announced its going to be PRIME DAY!!!!


Amazons Prime Day will be offering more deals than any Black Friday ever exclusively for Amazon Prime members. Starting at 12:00am on Wednesday, They will be deals posted as often as every 10 minutes! Members will be able to shop thousands of deals, Lightning Deals, Deals of the day with all sorts of categories, including electronics, outdoor items, video games, toys, movies, sports, jewelery and much more. Don’t forget you get FREE 2-day shipping!!! So take this time to not only do your back to school shopping, birthdays, updating home decor, stocking up your garage with everyday essentials but to do some early Christmas shopping!! Go ahead and start marking off those names on your Christmas gifts early so your not having to wait to do last minute shopping or having to find crazy parking and lines at the ” Black Friday on Thanksgiving” sale!

Once you have shopped on Prime Day, take advantage of what all Amazon Prime membership has to offer. They have Prime Instant Video (comparable to Netflix) which has tons of movies and shows to watch for free, Prime music, unlimited photo storage, and  the Kindle Owners library which includes free books. Not to mention you will continue to have FREE 2-day shipping which is a money saver! Free trial or annual members can share their delivery benefits with up to four additional family members living at the same address (“invited guests”).

If your not so sure about being a Amazon Prime Member, try it for 30 days FREE!!!! If you are a student or someone in the house is a student than try 6 months for free!!!! You can’t beat such a great deal!!!

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How to throw a Frozen theme party (frugal style)

frozen party

Little girls everywhere are going crazy to have a big Frozen themed birthday party! I know my little girl had no doubt that’s the party she wanted to have for her 5th birthday! I started early and tried to plan as much as I could before hand. A Frozen birthday doesn’t have to be all licensed themed merchandise so keep your eyes open. After Christmas you can find TONS of decorations for a Frozen themed birthday party! I will show you how my little girls birthday bash was a very affordable frozen success.

Rock CandyFirst off, I made Rock Candy for my home made cake, which was Elsa and her ice castle. I found cake mix and icing for near nothing at Publix and used my little girls Frozen figurines to decorate it along with rock candy I made. (Note- It does take 7 days to make rock candy!)

frozen theme party

DECORATIONS!!!! For the table decorations I went to Goodwill and found very cheap fabric and curtains that I used as table decorations. I broke out some Christmas decorations that I already had. I bought a blue plastic table cover to hang on the wall and got just two big packs of cotton balls (used coupons and got them for free) and thread them on string to hang so that they look like snow.  Which if I had to do it all over again I would have just laid the table cloth down and glued the cotton calls on but I didn’t think of that till I was almost done. I went to  posh tart parties for some awesome free printables that helped me with my banners, labels and signs. I was even able to print cupcake toppers so that I could make my own Frozen cupcakes.

DRESS UP CORNER!!! I went to the clearance fabric at Walmart for part of my dress up corner for the party so that the adults could join in on the dress up fun.  I had went to Dollar Tree and bought a couple Tiaras and went through my little girls Frozen dress costumes that she had already had. If you don’t have any, look for after Halloween because I found many for really cheap. I had also found at One Creative mommy  quotes from the movie and songs from Frozen that were in a bubble to print out and put on Popsicle sticks to add for fun! I did however use a Frozen Wall decorating kit for the backdrop for the photo corner.  I did order a few Frozen decorations from Amazon which I found to be the cheapest place to get them which also saved myself gas and time running all over the place for them.frozen party dress up

ACTIVITIES!!!! I wanted to plan a few games and activities for the kiddos without  having to spend a fortune.. To save money I made my very own Piñata! I looked all over to buy one but they were so expensive (or should I say just not in my budget). The Piñata only cost about $4 but was a good 4 hours of my time. The kids hit it for a long time so maybe I didn’t have to make it so thick but regardless plan on spending some time on it.

frozen party pinata


I got some cardboard Olaf’s from Wal-Mart before they threw them away to make great use of. One was used for a snowball fight. I cut the bottom out of cups and put a balloon on the bottom, drop a marshmallow in it, pull back and aim. Some little kids just threw it in Olaf’s mouth which easier.

frozen snowball game

Had a table set up to build a snowman out of  powdered doughnuts which was also a yummy treat and fun for all ages.

build a snow manOne of my Favorite parts of the party was Build a Snowman contest! We had two groups of children who was to turn two volunteers  into Snowmen!  It was really funny to see little ones try to do this game! All you need is toilet paper and paper cutouts or felt.

frozen party game


FOOD!!!! You don’t have to spend a whole lot on food for a party, just make a few little things. I bought ” Elsa’s Snowflakes” which was yogurt covered pretzels in snow flake shape after Christmas that didn’t expire for another 8 months which cost me only $1 for a big pack. I made Snowballs which was just cake balls dipped in white chocolate.  I had “Olaf’s nose” which carrots dipped in dip, “Sven antlers ” which was just pretzels, and “Kristoff’s Ice” which was just blue jello.  As you can see these are not very costly items but made for a fun menu! For the drinks I found very cheap clear fruit punch at Wal-Mart for the “Melted Snow” and then just blue Kool-Aid drinks for the “Glacier Juice.

frozen birthday partyInvitations!!  I found mine really cheap on Etsy but if you don’t have it in your budget and are tech savy than go to picmonkey and download a Frozen picture you like from free wallpapers and create your very own!

No matter what you decide to do or how little your budget is, your little one can have a really awesome party and make memories  just as if you spent tons of money on it. Even if its Family and Friends gathered around a home made cake dressed up in a blue table cloth from Goodwill!!


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Its ok to break traditions

Break TraditionsDon’t break the bank to do your traditions. This past Easter I had realized I am too broke to do what I have always done. Growing up my mom always went and bought me new shoes and dress for Easter which I have done with my girls until……. this year! Continue reading

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5 Steps on Being Financially Focused

 Financial Diet? You ever get to a point in your life where your just done? Something’s gotta give? You’re living paycheck to paycheck and you’re getting further n further behind on everything? I had my breaking point last year at the end of summer (after all the summer vacations that I just had to go on and car tags hit). We were flat broke and decided we had to do something. Continue reading
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Air freshener jar

air freshener Spring is here and what better way to start your spring cleaning off with this Eco-friendly air freshener? I have to admit I love to have my house full of any smelly good I can find that’s affordable but I have been reading a lot about what toxic ingredients they use. This recipe is quick and easy and very Eco-friendly. air freshener jar I love my doTerra oils and I have found many great ways of using them including making these air freshener jars that also absorb odors.  Look around your house for just a small jar, you can hit yard sales if you don’t have one. fill it with baking soda and for this size jar i put 20 drops of lavender. Cut out some burlap to put on the lid, tie a little bow or make a cross or flower and viola! Put in your window seal of the bathroom or in the kitchen and it is a really pleasant smell. I have also made one of these for my car considering my little girl spilled chocolate milk everywhere and it stinks horribly, these are so cheap and easy to make!

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and the winner is………

coasta sunglasses

Happy Mothers Day everyone!

Congratulations Holli Lang! Its my pleasure to announce that you are the winner of these new Costa Del Mar sunglasses! Thank you for everyone joining in on the fun! There will be more giveaways to come!

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Ideas

We all know that we love our mom’s, but now days in this fast pace world we often forget about things until the last minute. I know that I am a procrastinator and I often wait until the last minute to get that perfect gift that is now already sold out. Continue reading

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Mothers Day Giveaway!

coasta sunglasses

One Lucky lady will win these Costa Del Mar Sunglasses for my Mothers Day Giveaway! Either keep them for yourself or give them to your mom for Mothers Day, either way someone is going to look cool in these new Costa shades! Costa sunglasses  are built to perform, featuring the clearest sunglasses on the planet. Their glasses are well known all over the world for their style and quality and you could be wearing them! They are built by hand, made for life! Enter here

Giveaway ends Saturday May 8th

This Giveaway is sponsored by Gadsden Eye Associates Optical Shop! Rated the best place in Gadsden Al to get your glasses! Selling the very best of all the name brands you love with friendly professional service. They are licensed Costa, Oakley and Ray Ban dealers. Check out their site on Facebook Gadsden Eye Associates Optical shop


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BBC with a twist



You don’t have to travel all the way to St. Kitts for this delicious Island treat!!! Fill up the kiddie pool, but your shades on and turn up some reggae music while sipping on this BCC “Baileys Banana Colada” with a little twist! I have been looking for a really great recipe but they seem to need tweaking here and there. This one is mine that I made up and it  is a little different than the others.

~Ingredients ~

  • Small banana
  • 1 Piña Colada mix
  • 2 shots of banana liquor
  • 3 shots of dark rum
  • 4oz of pineapple juice
  • 3 tablespoonful of Baileys Irish Cream
  • Ice
  • Blend this all up in blender until it reaches a smooth consistency.

Drink and Enjoy!!!!

Now of course you can do your own tweaking to this recipe! Give or take a shot or two to make it how you like!



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